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I am so honored to be able to call Paco Fralick my friend! He is a wonderful human being, and a phenomenal musican who has been nominated for SIX Native American Music Awards! His songs have powerful lyrics with great depth. Please, take a moment to give his album, “Letting Go”, a listen and then, if you would, send a vote his way at https://www.nativeamericanmusicawards.com
I saw you at Indian fest!!! Congrats on your awards you received. And also for all the nominations for the NAMAS Keep representing Lac du Flambeau in a good way
Heard you at Indian Summer....wow. was there solo & listening to you while ppl watching=lovely memory moment in the making. your writing, singing, and guitar work=an amazing trifecta
Hey Paco, I am really enjoying Letting Go. It's no one of five CDs that I play over and over while building my model boat or working on my computer. Thanks very much. When I first played it I perked up right away because I liked the guitar style and then your vocal came in and I really like your voice and" style - easy, serious. My absolute favorite song is "Where Were You". It resonates for me with "Were you there when they crucified my Lord" Then "Letting Go" and Women and Water" and then .... The whole album is really really nice to listen to. Knowing you and Heidi from Munay Ki of course makes it even nicer. Let me know when you come out with a second CD and the best of fortune in your mission of bringing a little light to people as they cope with a pretty difficult world! Love you both! Doug
I have known you and Heidi for a long time. You are both a blessing to our community. There are excellent dentists in Rhinelander, but I will only go to you. Your skills, coupled with your compassion and care are unequaled. Your new cd is important music. The songs are real, relatable, they make you cry, they make you smile, and most of all, they make you think. You are an amazing songwriter and musical artist. Your supporting artists and musicians are an impressive group. Thank you, my friend, for opening your heart and thoughts and allowing us all to enjoy and be inspired by your incredible vision and inside. Congratulations! I have purchased 2 additional copies for my dear friends Lea and Jesica. My best to you and Heidi. Incredibly well done!
This is an amazing CD- heartfelt songs, some with mystic quality. The words are beautiful and the musicians and singers are extremely talented. A collection that I listened to over and over again and will continue to.
A pleasant collection of original music that instantly feels like an old favorite. Lyrics and melodies stay with you long after the music stops, but you still look forward to the time you can hit the play button again. Thank you for sharing your talent, culture and you with all of us. Well done, Paco. Well done!
Wow! What an amazing song! This type of music, reminds me of the great late John Denver. Paco has a great voice. You need to hear this song....... (Daddy when are you coming home)
What an amazing song, Paco Fralick! Love the lyrics, love the acoustic guitar and the flutes! Where Were You is must listen to for sure!
Where Were You - Awesome song!!! I knew Walt Bresette and he was a wonderful man!! A true man!! Kind , gentle, honest funny, caring, strong, the biggest heart ever!! He would have loved this song too!! :). Great song!!
I love my CD and I really enjoyed hearing you in person! ~Barbara
We have our copy and LOVE IT! Miigwech Paco and congratulations!
Paco, I enjoyed previewing your CD, and look forward to getting a copy. I'm proud of how you use your talent to inspire yourself and others. Your heart definitely comes out in the lyrics and music.
It's fabulous! Great music, meaningful lyrics. We love it!!
What I heard today is just amazing!!!
It's such a wonderful CD! I love it!
Awesome Paco!!!!! This is great stuff and I wish you the best! Congratulations my friend!
The lyric, Beauty in the Broken choked me up.... well done Paco!! Very proud of you!!
I really enjoy my CD, you have a smooth voice Paco!
I truly enjoyed listening! Great songs, voice, guitar and backup. I wish you great success!!
Love you Paco so joyful you have put all that is in your head out to the world to enjoy you are amazing talent !!!
Paco is my best friend. His sensitivity to the needs of others and our Mother Earth shine through his songs. Thanks for being you, Paco.
Paco is a great singer and musician. His first single release is awesome. He is also a great dentist! Can't wait to get the first album.
****Congratulations Paco on your new release!!**** Paco is the "Merle Haggard-style" songwriter of our day: He creates and composes heart-grabbing songs that EVERYONE can relate to, and this new showcase release, "Daddy, When Are You Coming Home," is one of those selections. Paco has done much of the producing on this arrangement with some of the most accomplished session players, and it's available to YOU now, through him! A song for you and I, we should not be without it in our music collection. (I think I just talked myself into buying several) Seriously...It's the real thing, folks.