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June 9, 2022

This is going to be a great show!

Wisconsin Public Radio

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 An Americana Thanksgiving Concert

(aired on Wis. Public Radio Nov. 27, 2020)

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"The receiving is in the giving."

-Paco Fralick


My music is eclectic. It is a blend of country, folk, pop and Native Americana. It is a blend of all the people who have shaped me, all of my experiences, and all that I am and hope to be. 


Music has been many things to me and continues to evolve as I do, but one thing it has always been is healing. My hope is to extend that same healing to you through my music! 


 Paco Fralick


Award Winning Singer / Songwriter



Paco's debut album 'Letting Go' was a three year recording process while the actual songwriting spanned a few decades. It has earned him recognition and several different awards including a Global Music Award, a Native American Music Award, and several Indian summer Music Awards

Paco was fortunate to collaborate with many great musicians and studio engineers on this record and he shares the recognition with all of them. 

Currently he is working hard to complete his next two albums in the studio. Covid and studio closures have slowed the recording process down considerably, but he has used this time to continue to write new songs and do some of the studio editing from home. 

"I think these new songs show my growth as a singer, a songwriter, a musician and producer. Like my first album, these two are pretty diverse and have pushed my boundaries even further. I feel like I am honing in on my sound." (Paco)

He hopes to release the new songs in the Spring of 2021!


Poem- "The Present Moment"


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